Alaska Vacations in the Fall

There is something to be said about the pure beauty of taking an Alaska vacation in the fall. As the heat subsides and the abundance of mosquitoes gradually dissipates, the number of people and crowded attractions do as well. Even though our location is relatively remote, the seasonal population becomes noticeably smaller as winter approaches. To further build upon the allure fall getaways to the cove, the intermittent hardwood forests that mottle an evergreen backdrop lend themselves to an enchanting display of reds, yellows, and oranges that signify a short, yet remarkable Alaskan autumn. The result of such a masterful showcase is a regional transformation that brings a new personality to the nearby attractions and landscapes, creating the perfect opportunities for sightseeing, photography, hiking, and day trips. In the heart of it all, Elfin Cove Resort has a selection of lodging options, including overnight stays.


Nearby attractions and landmarks take on an alternate profile that’s unique to autumn. Sites and locations witnessed in winter, spring, and summer really “pop” when standing against a red, orange, and yellow color palette, creating a seemingly new environment for those who’ve been here during the other seasons. One of the most immersive ways to experience our slice of paradise in the fall is to pay a visit to the renowned Glacier Bay National Forest. As the quivering cottonwood leaves turn yellow, patrons can witness a bevy of animals preparing to migrate or hunker down for a much more bitter winter. From forage squirrels to wondering bears, Glacier Bay will be teeming with wildlife viewing opportunities.


Another one of our natural assets, Tongass National Forest, offers peaceful exploration overlooking the coast and is accessible right from our lodge. At Tongass, visitors can expect to see stunning views presented by the Gulf of Alaska, Sitka blacktail deer, and America’s largest rainforest. The various islands encompassing Tongass National Forest have multiple hiking trails and historical artifacts that offer a glimpse into Alaska’s early beginnings. Both Tongass National Forest and Glacier Bay National Park are must-see destinations for any Alaskan vacation to Elfin Cove.


It’s hard not to find something amazing while staying at our Alaskan resort lodge. With unfettered access to some of the best wilderness and fishing in the world, it’s not surprising that we’ve established ourselves as the go-to basecamp for Elfin Cove exploration. For more information or to book your Alaska vacation, please visit us online or call 907-239-2209.