All-Natural Alaska | The Benefits of Soaking in Hot Springs

It’s no secret that Elfin Cove Resort offers an ideal location for the ultimate fishing vacation. But what many anglers may not know is that our neck of the woods has several other adventurous opportunities. Our guests will always have sensational activities at their disposal, from hiking to kayaking. One of the most unique and memorable natural wonders near Elfin Cove, Alaska, is Tongass National Forest’s hot springs. Not only do hot springs help you relax, but they also offer a few notable benefits for your well-being. These healing benefits have been used over several millennia and have since been incorporated into many spa and health treatments. Thankfully, our visitors will have a chance to experience these properties firsthand.


Although fishing is at the forefront of most people’s minds when they visit Elfin Cove Resort, many are delighted to find there is much more to our one-of-a-kind wilderness. And part of what makes our little paradise a prime destination is our ideal proximity to Tongass National Forest and Glacier Bay National Park. From exploring beaches via kayak to wildlife photography, there’s no shortage of adventure at Elfin Cove Resort.


Hot springs can provide several therapeutic advantages that many people may not realize. As scientists and doctors continue to learn about a long list of conditions that we can mitigate with a soak, what better place to do it than Alaska? Here are some of the natural benefits you’ll find while immersing yourself in hot springs:

  • Natural hot springs in Alaska contain an endless supply of minerals like calcium. When exposed to high temperatures, your body absorbs these essential elements while increasing circulation and oxygen availability.
  • Alaskan mineral water can mitigate stress through relaxation. Tense muscles loosen in heat, and the cool air will help you fall asleep after you exit.
  • Hot mineral baths can also lead to pain relief by blocking receptors in your nervous system.
  • Hot Springs in Alaska often have healthy amounts of silica and sulfur, which can soften and relieve some skin conditions like psoriasis.


When planning your Alaska all-inclusive vacation, you’ll want a resort that offers something for everyone. Guests choose Elfin Cove not only for our unrivaled fishing opportunities but also for the myriad of activities, and hot springs are just one of many options. For more information on why Elfin Cove Resort is suitable for you, please continue to browse our website or reach out online today!