An Early-Summer Southeast Alaska Fishing Trip at Elfin Cove

Anyone who has gone on an Alaska fishing trip during various times of the year will likely tell you that each season requires a different approach to how you target your preferred bounty. Depending on when you’ll be here, you’ll find a new set of challenges. However, what remains constant is the high likelihood of creating long-lasting memories. Although many people have come away with some fantastic experiences from July to August, there is a lot to look forward to for an early summer Alaska fishing trip. At Elfin Cove Resort, we pride ourselves on providing an enriching outing, no matter what time of year, so there are a few things every angler should consider before booking their next adventure. Early summer fishing can be a highly unique endeavor for those who don’t mind a bit of inclement weather.


While much of Alaska will still be dealing with the residual winter thaw even by May, our neck of the woods will start to heat up as far as the steelheads are concerned! The nearby creeks, streams, and tributaries will be teeming with ravenous rainbows willing to strike on almost any presentation, whether it be flies or spinners. It’s not uncommon for fishermen and women to land several steelheads per day! Furthermore, because there will be far fewer anglers and other outdoor enthusiasts in the region, you’ll likely only come across a few other people—if any! Another noteworthy perk to an early-season Alaska fishing trip is that the king salmon will make themselves known in the estuaries before fully committing to river life. We don’t typically offer trips until May 11, but you’ll still have time if you’re here early.


If you’re seeking a wide variety of species, June may be the ticket. By now, the kings have finally entered the streams, making themselves available along with the brilliant sockeyes who came before them. Along with the previously mentioned salmon, Dolly Vardens and cutthroats will be readily available in June. As these species are coming off a long winter, they will be understandably famished, therefore seeking out anything and everything they can to bulk up before the following winter. Although the weather patterns tend to be a little trickier this time of year, you won’t care how soaked you are while hammering trout and salmon all day in the comfort of the Alaskan wilderness.


Early summer Alaska fishing trips aren’t for everyone. Still, if you’re looking to challenge the elements while targeting a diverse array of inland species, then May and June are excellent times to visit Elfin Cove Resort. Our all-inclusive resort packages include round trip transportation between Elfin Cove and Juneau, access to a team of professional guides, fish processing, all the gear you need, full-service dining, non-alcoholic refreshments, and snacks. No matter how you swing it, we promise you’ll want to come back. Since all of our trips are based on availability, you’ll want to get in contact with us by reaching out online or calling 888-922-3474. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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