Elfin Cove Resort is one of the properties operated by Fire Island Conservation, a crusade that started with a tiny island in the Indian Ocean. 

Several years ago Ilha do Fogo, translated as “island of fire”, was bought, with a dream to build a 5-star resort. Upon visiting the island, the team discovered that it was ravaged by poachers and sadly, the endangered hawksbill and green turtles were the main victims of the poaching. The dream of a resort was quickly replaced by the need to protect these imperilled species, and thus, Fire Island Conservation was born.

The eco-tourism and conservation projects gained headway with the purchase of Pebane Beach Lodge, the closest land base to the island. Loggerhead Beach Villa and The Monarch Villa became further extensions of Fire Island Conservation, along with several community projects in Mozambique. We understand that rising socio-economic issues can lead to poaching and harvesting of marine life, however, by empowering locals and providing income opportunities, we are enabling communities to better provide for their families. We continue to strive toward our dream of living sustainably and in harmony with nature.

Elfin Cove is one of the latest additions to our eco-retreat portfolio, and will also help to fund our conservation efforts. Although it is located some distance from the other properties, it will help us to spread awareness across the world. Elfin Cove is located in the rainforest ecosystem of the Alaskan panhandle. With its abundant ocean wonders, magnificent glaciers, majestic mountains, and enchanting wilderness, this property really helps our guests understand the need to protect nature.

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