Fishing Adventures | Deciding on Alaska Vacation Packages

Partaking in the Alaska fishing season is a bucket list item for many anglers, especially those who want a unique challenge and a chance at a massive gamefish. Alaska vacation packages come in various prices and inclusivity and finding the right one will come down to how you wish to spend your hard-earned money. Not only do you want to stay within your budget, but you’ll also need to consider what you’ll want to target and which time of the year you want to visit Elfin Cove Resort. To help you gain clarity on which fishing packages are suitable for you, we’ll offer a few things to keep in mind.


The first thing to determine is the type of fish you’ll want to target. Do you want to spend your time exploring the inland waters near and within the Tongass National Forest for steelhead, Dolly Vardens, cutthroat trout, coho, chum, sockeye, and pink salmon? Or, would you rather chase another diverse set of game fish, including rockfish, Irish lords, red snapper, yelloweye, black sea bass, lingcod, and various Pacific salmon species? Either way, the areas we target are within proximity of Elfin Cove and will provide an unforgettable experience regardless of your chosen Alaska vacation package. Fly fishing versus spinning is another concept to ponder as you make your decision. From avid anglers to burgeoning beginners, we always look forward to working with visitors to our slice of fishing paradise.


There are a lot of Alaska fishing charters out there with varying degrees of guidance. At Elfin Cove Resort, we include guide service, tackle, boots, and rain gear as part of our guest fee. Furthermore, we’ll also process up to two 50 lb boxes of your bounty, provide round trip air travel to Elfin Cove from Juneau, as well as full-service dining at no additional charge. Just because we’re in a remote location doesn’t mean we won’t take care of you. Some lodges out there don’t include processing or gear as part of their Alaska vacation packages, so you’ll find peace of mind knowing that Elfin Cove has plenty of amenities and services that set us apart from the rest. Be sure to check out our trip dates at the bottom of our lodging page to figure out the best time for you to visit!


Choosing the right Alaska vacation package doesn’t just come down to one charter, lodge, or package. Selecting from a set of various options will give you the best range of outcomes, but we’re confident that after you’ve had some time to learn about Elfin Cove Resort, the decision will become relatively easy. From freshwater adventures to saltwater journeys, Elfin Cove promises to deliver. For more information or to make a reservation, please reach out to us online or call 888-922-3474 today!