Fishing For Salmon Sharks in Southeast Alaska

When we think of an Alaskan fishing trip, we often conjure visions of fishermen and women proudly hoisting up trout, salmon, lingcod, rockfish, or halibut for all viewers to see. What may not come immediately to mind is teams of anglers fishing for salmon sharks. You see, salmon shark fishing requires a great deal of strength and fortitude. It would be tough for a solitary angler to reel one in; therefore, a group effort is usually the most effective means of success. 

The things in life worth having are rarely easy to obtain, and fishing for salmon sharks is no different. These monstrous beasts average seven feet in length and over 300 pounds, with some larger specimens reaching up to 10 feet and nearly 1,000 pounds! With such massive sizes, it’s no wonder that salmon shark fishing is often considered a maritime big game hunt. If you are looking to catch something that could catch you, look no further than Elfin Cove Resort. Elfin Cove Resort is the ultimate basecamp for any Alaskan fishing trip, offering salmon shark fishing that quickly picks up in August.


If you think the salmon shark looks familiar, then that’s because it’s a close relative to both the great white and mako shark. Many Alaskan fishing charters seeking out salmon or halibut have pulled up nothing but a line, assuming salmon sharks have taken the bait, often chewing through very durable leaders. The salmon shark, a formidable opponent, offers an epic battle for those who can snag one, sometimes lasting up to two hours.

These prominent predators are present throughout the season but are most prevalent during the tail end of summer as they earnestly pursue migrating salmon. When congregating in large numbers, they can be seen cruising along the surface of tranquil waters. Since these beasts tend to roll and have sandpaper-like skin, fishing for salmon sharks requires a lengthy and robust wire leader to prevent line break. Adding to the challenge is the fussy nature of their culinary preference of cut strip bait to a bloody chunk of fish. That’s pretty picky for an animal that eats approximately eight percent of its body weight each day!


Salmon shark fishing is anything but ordinary, so why not book an extraordinary Alaskan fishing charter? Elfin Cove Resort offers a dynamic assortment of fishing and other adventures right outside your door. Whether it be salmon fishing on the ocean or trout fishing in freshwater, Elfin Cove Resort will guide the way. For more information on how we can facilitate your Alaskan fishing trip, please visit us online or call 1-888-922-3474.