Guidelines for Wildlife Viewing in Alaska

Summer isn’t far away, and much of the Alaskan wilderness is already active as the temperatures become more inviting. Emerging from their dens or migrating back from their winter vacation, many of the animals in Alaska will be foraging for food and seeking mates, all while providing excellent opportunities for eager nature enthusiasts. From brown bears to humpback whales, Elfin Cove Resort is home to a vast array of native species. While most of us have observed wildlife, watching the chipmunks scurry about your woodpile is a far cry from what you’ll see at Elfin Cove. To help you maximize your Alaskan wilderness adventure, we’ve gathered a few guidelines to follow while you stay at one of the best Alaska resorts. You’ll soon find out why wildlife viewing in Alaska is some of the best in the world!


Find out when each species you want to view is most active to see as many animals in Alaska as you can. You may be up before sunrise for bird-watching, but anticipating sunset before inventorying your favorite species of deer. You should also observe seasonal behavioral patterns due to the migration and hibernation of several birds and mammals.


On your Alaskan vacation, the last thing we want you to think about is work. However, ensuring you have the right gear will help make the most of wildlife viewing in Alaska. As mentioned above, the animals you’ll witness are far from tame and protect themselves as they see fit. More often than not, this means darting off into the bush, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

Staying a reasonable distance with a pair of binoculars is imperative to enjoying the Alaskan wilderness. Sporting some “nocs” will ensure a close-up view of your subjects, but more importantly, promotes an undisturbed setting for the animals. Keep in mind that the temperatures can change significantly from morning to afternoon to night, so bring layers that can be shed or added depending on the climate. Maps are also vital for both navigating the area and marking locations where you’ve seen animals. Lastly, even though it is improbable—they truly fear us—there is no harm in carrying a container of bear spray just in case.


These beloved creatures are crucial in making Elfin Cove an elite destination for any Alaska vacation, and we hope you revere them just as we have. No matter how adapted you become to the local fauna, it’s critical to be mindful that these animals are wild and rely heavily on their instincts to protect themselves and their young if they feel endangered. The best method for enjoying these sacred treasures is to view them in secret as they go about in their natural environment, with minimal human interaction. This notion extends to cleaning up after yourself and refraining from feeding the animals, no matter how much they remind you of your favorite resident rodents.


As you can imagine, Elfin Cove is teeming with wildlife viewing opportunities. It’s no secret why nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts clamor for a peek at our majestic inhabitants. Our accommodations are sure to make you feel more than comfortable after a day of gallivanting “the neighborhood.” Give us a call at 888-922-3474 or visit our website For more information on how we can facilitate an unforgettable Alaska vacation!