Offseason Reading: 3 Great Books about Fishing

Just because the Alaska fishing season has come to an end at Elfin Cove Resort doesn’t mean you have to stop thinking about fishing in Alaska. One way to remain enthusiastic about the upcoming season is to read a few books about fishing before your trip. You can only prep your gear and check your packing list so many times before you start feeling like a robot, so why not get comfy in the den and learn more about one of your favorite pastimes? As the warm days subside, you may find yourself with more leisure time, especially if you aren’t into outdoor winter sports. Books about fishing are as old as the fabled pastime, and we’d like to share three of our favorites.


One of the best ways to stay excited about an Alaskan fishing vacation during the offseason is to read some books about fishing. You may be a seasoned fisherman or a burgeoning beginner, but either way, the best books will teach, entertain, and encourage. Without further delay, here are some of our favorite books about fishing.
Revered and respected outdoor journalists Charlie Meyers and Kirk Deeter showcase their no-frills revelations and guidance on the iconic pastime of fly fishing. From journeys through Argentina’s formidable Tierra del Fuego to interviews with fishing legend Lee Wulf, The Little Red Book of Fly Fishing tells about new and old experiences through the lens of experienced fly fishermen.
A curated collection of tales hand-picked by Lamar Underwood has stories covering everything from bass fishing in the southern United States to chasing sharks in the Gulf of Mexico. Told by some of the nation’s most gifted authors, these 46 tales will bring readers to places they’ve never dreamed of fishing as well as familiar locales and situations. Each story represents the shared connection created between humans and nature.
Ernest Hemingway tells the story of an old, downtrodden fisherman and his battle against the catch of a lifetime. After nearly three months of no success, the parents of his young, eager apprentice have forced the boy to seek knowledge from another boat. The apprentice continues his friendship with the seasoned fisherman by helping him with his gear and securing meals for him each day. In an attempt to end his losing streak, the old man sails out further than usual, venturing into the Gulf Stream. Readers will quickly learn why “The Old Man and the Sea” is considered one of the quintessential books about fishing.


While it may be several months before your Alaskan fishing vacation, perusing some literature about your favorite activity is the quickest route to get you there. Books about fishing offer knowledge about fishing, but also life in general. To book your reservation, please visit us online or call 888-239-2209.