There are some wonderful Elfin Cove attractions that you can enjoy. Guests spend their days hiking the trails, sightseeing, and immersing themselves in various wilderness adventures. A short boat ride could have you bathing at White Sulfur Springs, flying through the treetops on a zip line course or hiking on an island in search of an old military outpost.

You could also explore beaches within kayaking distance. Imagine getting an up-close look at the awe-inspiring Brady Glacier. Wildlife is abundant in and around the cove. While strolling along the dock or boardwalk you will be delighted by brightly colored sun stars and octopus in the water. Bald eagles soar over the community as hummingbirds feast on the decks of the lodge. You can watch the sea lions and sea otters playing in the water and be captivated by passing humpback and killer whales. The Brown Bear enjoys our home as much as we do and can be seen on local beaches.


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Are you thinking about planning a vacation and are looking for an Alaska fishing lodge to suit your needs? The newly renovated Elfin Cove Resort features four separate buildings to meet all your lodging needs. 

Our main building houses our kitchen and dining area with 5 guest rooms as well as a common area where you can relax and play some pool or watch a movie. Our chalet has 2 guest rooms as well as a relaxing living room with a private deck. The highly sought after beach house has 3 guests room with a family room. Finally, we have the previous Fishmasters Inn which is a beautiful rustic four-story cedar building with wraparound decks. This building has 6 guests rooms, its own kitchen and dining area, as well as a family room. Or, you can watch TV, play some games or curl up with a good book by the fire at the inviting loft area.

Every guest room in our fishing lodge has a private bathroom. Breath-taking glacier and mountain views can be experienced from practically anywhere in the resort.

Whether you are traveling alone or with a group of friends, a family gathering or corporate group, Elfin Cove Resort can accommodate up to 40 guests. If you’ve ever wanted to have a whole Alaska fishing lodge to yourself, we can accommodate you. Feel free to ask about hiring the whole lodge!


Here at Elfin Cove Resort, we offer many things. You have the obvious incredible beauty of nature around you, the endless possibilities for adventure, the incredibly relaxing and calm environment, not to mention the crisp and clean air. But, one of the features of our beautiful resort, is our incredible staff. We pride ourselves on the fact that our main goal is to make sure that you have the most incredible time possible. In order to make that happen, for you, we rely on some fantastic individuals, all of whom work incredibly hard to make this happen for you.
These individuals are responsible for everything from making sure you have a clean and inviting room to return to, each and every day, to our cooks, guides and some fantastic locals. Its this mixture of experience and love for the job, which makes up our very special group of individuals, all of whom are dedicated to making your stay here at Elfin Cove Resort, one you will fondly remember for the rest of your life. Have a chance to thank one of our staff members, please do so as they really enjoy making your stay a pleasant one.