The Types of Fish You’ll Catch in Elfin Cove, Alaska

One of the most significant factors that make Alaska an attractive destination for anglers is its diverse and abundant types of fish. Fishermen and women from all over the world consider “The Last Frontier” a select bucket list item that is well worth their time and effort. And with awe-inspiring picturesque vistas, pristine waters, and majestic wildlife, it’s no wonder that remote fishing excursions have risen in popularity over the past several years. So whether you’re in search of elusive trout, trophy salmon, or massive halibut, Elfin Cove Resort boasts unfettered access to one of the most productive fisheries in Alaska. As such, you may be wondering what types of fish you may have a shot at when visiting “the Cove,” so today, we’ll give you an idea of what to target during the ultimate all-inclusive Alaska fishing trip!


Discerning anglers choose Elfin Cove Resort because of its excellent location and abundant fish species. However, they return—often more than once—because they receive unrivaled service from a dedicated and knowledgeable staff who has spent a great deal of time perfecting their craft to share valuable wisdom with our guests. All-inclusive Alaska fishing trips are supposed to be a memorable and enriching adventure, so why settle for “a place to sleep” when you can learn from the pros while having a chance at the catch of a lifetime? At Elfin Cove, you’ll navigate waters seldom seen by outsiders in search of several types of highly sought game fish. Are you up to the challenge?


Being so close to the Tongass National Forest plays a vital role in making Elfin Cove what it is today. This relatively unscathed wilderness is home to several small rivers that offer technical stream fishing with spinners and more extensive waterways that allow anglers to fly fish. We’ll take you to these waters from the lodge by bringing one of our large vessels out into the bay, followed by a jet-sled ride to the rivers or beach. Here you’ll find an assortment of trout like steelhead, Dolly Varden, and cutties, along with coho, chum, sockeye, and pink salmon.


The Elfin Cove fishing area supports an eclectic array of massive fish ranging from black sea bass to halibut and salmon. With halibut ranging from 20 to 300 pounds, king salmon that can reach over 60 pounds, and several other sizable species, you’ll have a genuine chance at a trophy! You can expect coho salmon in great numbers from late June through September, and chum, pink, sockeye will also be available. To top things off, you’ll also find a vibrant collection of rockfish, Irish lords, red snapper, yelloweye, black sea bass, and impressive lingcod!


It’s no secret that there are several desirable types of fish in Alaska. Still, finding them takes much more than hitting the stream or hopping in a boat. Some of Alaska’s biggest fishes are the most elusive, so having a trusted fishing guide to help you along the way can be the difference between a fun trip and an extraordinary adventure. Most of the areas we fish in are reasonably close to the lodge, so we don’t spend much time traveling. The protected inlets, fjords, and bays that we cover are sure to provide the excitement you crave! So, whether you want to chase freshwater salmonids or saltwater monsters, Elfin Cove Resort is the place for the ultimate Alaskan fishing vacation.