Top-Rated Alaskan Halibut Fishing Charters in Elfin Cove

Rife with stoic mountain backdrops, unhindered access to pristine fisheries, and a diverse array of available species, Elfin Cove Resort rests in a genuine angler’s paradise. Unlike warm water ecosystems, Southeast Alaska features optimal conditions for table faring fish that make an excellent bounty to share with friends and family. Quite possibly, one of the most epic gamefish opportunities found on our stretch of the coast is Alaska halibut fishing. Sporting an abundance of massive pacific halibut, it’s not uncommon for anglers to set their hook into specimens reaching over 300 pounds while fishing our nearby waters. What’s more, taking a trip with our skilled team of guides promises to be every bit as educational as it is recreational.


One fascinating aspect of halibut fishing with Elfin Cove Resort is you never have to venture far from the lodge. The areas we fish in are within ideal proximity to our property, so you won’t have to worry about wasting time getting around unless we determine there is better fishing elsewhere on the open ocean. The protected fjords, inlets, and bays surrounding our immediate area offer world-class fishing, and halibut is no exception. You’ll be welcome aboard one of our six fishing boats ranging from 30 to 36 feet in length. We typically have four or fewer anglers on the smaller rigs and only up to six on the larger vessels. Our boats can get around quickly and offer plenty of comfort with ample space.


While chasing massive fish, the last thing you want is a gear malfunction. That’s why we use highly flexible 7’ rods and durable and reliable reels from Penn Fishing for halibut. World-class equipment all but assures an enjoyable and productive experience on the water. Furthermore, all of our terminal gear is inspected after each outing to ensure our guests have everything in working order. We’ll swap out any lines or leaders in less than excellent condition to ensure you don’t face the disappointment of a lost trophy. Quite simply, we’ll stack the odds in your favor with every trip.


Avid anglers know there are many good fishing charters and guide services out there. Still, if you’re seeking a crew that goes beyond the status quo to deliver an unrivaled Alaska halibut fishing trip, look no further than Elfin Cove Resort. These monstrous whitefish attract fishermen and women from all over the world for a chance at an adrenaline-pumping challenge that will have your heart racing well after the catch. Several attributes make Elfin Cove an elite halibut fishing destination in addition to other highly sought species like king salmon, rockfish, Irish lords, red snappers, black sea bass, and lingcod. To learn more about our Alaska halibut fishing trips and other exciting excursions, be sure to visit us online or call 888-922-3474 today!